Monday, April 18, 2011

Take the Hint

Dear Annoying Subcontractor:

You have called nearly everyday for going on two weeks. I'm sorry that he hasn't called you back, but asking me if he's received your daily messages is insulting.

I've done my job. He knows that you've called numerous times. Even though I don't want to, I've written down your name, number and vague message every day you call. It's getting harder and harder not to mention your message without a roll of the eyes and a little disdain in my voice. You're lucky he's gotten your messages! He's been out of the office almost every day for as long as you've been calling.

We approved your product. We don't need to hear about how great it is. Get over yourself, and don't call again. PLEASE!

Obviously my boss is just not that into you, or he would have called you back after the first message.


Office Manager (not your personal secretary)

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