Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wind Outside

I've spent a lot of my day looking at images and videos from the tornadoes that hit too close to my home in Ohio, and other areas near family members, and way too close to the homes that were destroyed by those monsters, so it seems silly to mention something so insignificant...

...But, there is a storm rolling in (I'm told there will be snow) and the wind is blowing hard. I don't have any music going and the only sounds besides the clacking of keys on my keyboard and the hum of my computer's fan, is the rush of the wind and whatever is getting blown around. It seems to be made of plastic. There is also a metal hinge out there, and I'm > this close < to going outside to make sure that our basketball hoop hasn't toppled over.

At least I know that it didn't hit a car - that would have made a much larger noise.

I love going to sleep when there is a storm rolling in, it's soothing somehow. Or, it is living in Utah where the chances of tornadoes are slim. Regardless, I know that they will probably visit my dreams tonight.

My heart and prayers goes out to those affected by the tornadoes and massive flooding. From what I understand, most people had only 10 minutes or so to find shelter/cover before the tornadoes were directly on top of them. I've been in tornado watches (or warnings? I can never remember...) but they were never really that scary.

How very quickly our lives can change.

I'm going to bed, leaving the mess - caused by the wind blowing so hard through the windows - from my blinds toppling over my cute pottery dish and piggy bank. The pig survived. The dish did not. I haven't inspected too closely the damage to know if the shards can be glued together.

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  1. I too like going to bed with a storm but NOT the ones in Daybreak. The wind seems to whip up here with more intensity and it rattles the windows and makes the house sway, well kind of. The other day I watched the wind pick up a trash can and carry it down the street with out touching the ground! I didn't like that, I'll stick to my earthquakes. As long as no one dies, those are pretty fun.


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