Monday, April 11, 2011

Sugar Ray

If you remember this video, this song or more importantly, this band, then you will understand why Becca and I were so excited to catch them in concert - for free.

Sugar Ray was at the Riverwoods on Saturday night. I was late, of course, and so I missed a lot of the show. I pulled up and parked and When Its Over was playing, I heard some girl say that "some weird Sugar Ray karaoke" was going on. I wonder if she ever figured out that, No, that really was Mark McGrath.

I think I missed most of their original songs. They played a few songs that weren't theirs. And then they did a lot of weird clips (Mark McGrath is a HUGE Will Ferrell fan, to the point where he played a whole song in cow bell) and even longer thank you speeches. He invited two kids up on stage and made them dance around and sing... which was annoying, because they weren't good and they weren't cool.

I'm positive he was on something.

It was pretty cold... but after a while of jumping around in the crowd, and singing and shouting to our heart's content we warmed up.

Sugar Ray planned their exit rather perfectly. They saved Fly for the last song, and then at the very end, a firework show started behind the crowd. There was no time to demand an encore, and they disappeared from stage.

Of course, the whole firework thing was ruined by them playing Katy Perry... I hate her. The concert took a turn into a Mob Dance Party, and that was pretty awesome.

I love 90s music.

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