Saturday, January 09, 2010

Death of an Era

Some three years ago I started reading an author that I quickly became obsessed with. I had been introduced by my aunt who asked, "Do you like sappy - I mean, really sappy - as in, I'm almost embarrassed to give this to you, sappy?"


That was always my answer. Because I love sap. I love cheesy. I love romance! As long as it was a happily ever after, I was happy. I signed up for this author's updates and promptly ordered the books I had read. Every time I visited my aunt, I devoured as many of the books as I could - and then bought those as well. Soon, I had read everything this author had put out. I was still craving more.

I introduced everyone I thought could stomach the sappiness to these books. And then tried to discuss them - as if we were reading some poignant plot points or fabulous symbolism.

The truth was - I knew the writing wasn't the most fabulous I've ever encountered. And I figured this author self-published. There were too many typos for there to be a real editor on board. But I didn't care. I liked the stories. And I didn't care that the heroes were always the same. Everyone always seemed so self-conscious (lack of confidence is a very real problem in relationships, after all).

As different friends read these books, I was introduced to new perspectives. I started reading other romances. I stopped reading other romances. I was still devoted to this author. And then there started a decline. I don't know if it was because I was outgrowing sappy, or if I finally recognized that I shouldn't be reading such mediocre writing. Still, I clung on. I continued reading the books. And then I read one that I was impressed with. Surely this meant that they were going to continue to get better. But it was just a small hill on a slippery slope down.

I've given up. I've ordered my final book - and I won't be reading any more of this author. I am removing myself from the update list. I am ending my relationship with this author. I just can't take it anymore. I don't know what has happened. But I suspect that the writing has gotten worse. I will read those few that I truly loved and see whether or not it is me or the author. But regardless of the findings - we're through.

It's been a good run. I truly did like those first few that set off a fever. But I can't let this continue. I think this quote probably shows exactly why...

Ridge smiled—his strength suddenly rejuvenated for the sake of his loving want.
Gently—yet boldly—he aggressed—taking Ember in his arms—shifting his weight so
that he hovered over her dominantly.
Embers smiled—weaving her fingers through Ridge’s soft, dark hair.
“I love you, my pretty mermaid,” he breathed a moment before his mouth
demanded hers respond to him.
“I love you,” Ember breathed between impassioned kisses, “my beloved treasure
of the sea.”
And the tide’s soft caress kissed the moonlit shore…

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