Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nigeria Invades...a slamming party

Becca and I heard about this huge party going on in Lindon earlier this week and we couldn't decide whether or not to go. The fact that it cost money and wasn't really something that many of our friends would want to do were kind of a hindrance. That and we have both been a little stressed and tired as of late.

Regardless, on Wednesday we decided that we were going. We tried to invite people, but it turns out that our friends are the masters of excuses. The guys were all mad that they had to pay more. We did get a good little group together, though, so the party was on!

We arrived at Noah's just in the nick of time so that we paid a cheaper price and actually found room on the dance floor. After a couple of hours, the place was crawling with about 1500 people. The DJ was...OK. Some of the songs were really good, and some of the mixes were really awful. We met up with some great girls and danced in our little circle for most of the night. At one point, as I was dancing, I made eye contact with a very little African guy (we kept saying he was from Nigeria, but I don't think any of us there is no way of knowing) and he started dancing with me. Only, it was the type of dancing that I had previously been barfing over, so I tried to escape. Luckily I saw a guy I knew and I used that as an exit. The little Nigerian friend found me another two times before I finally got away and that wasn't before he also danced with Becca and Kelly. Of which, our friend Wyatt had to actually cut in, in order to save Kelly from his clutches!

A few other guys cut in and danced with us from time to time. One of the guys I had been checking out...pretty much all night. So even though we danced for only a song, I felt like I had totally accomplished something by him backing that thang up.... yeah, it was pretty awesome.

It turns out that the whole Sluts of Utah County chapter was in attendance, and our little group definitely got an eye sore of watching dirty sex-dancing. And making out. Now, I am all for a little PDA, but full blown make out sessions on the dance floor, where you were previously bumping and grinding is cause for hurling. I think we were all lucky that we didn't lose our dinner.

Speaking of which, I made a delicious dinner prior to the dance. Thanks to Sabrina, who made it for me over Christmas, I have the recipe:

4lbs boneless/skinless chicken breasts
1 can (16oz) whole berry cranberry sauce
1 bottle (8oz) kraft Catalina dressing
1 env. Onion soup mix. We used mrs. Grass onion soup mix

Heat oven to 350F
Place chicken (13x9in) baking dish
Mix remaining ingrdients; pour oven chicken
Bake for 50 mins. Or until chicken is done (165F) 


The major things that were strange about the evening were the lack of fire safety. I think if there had been a fire, there probably would have been about 1450 deaths. The place was packed, and there weren't very many exits or maneuverability.

I was more in the mood for dancing than Becca was - that is probably the weirdest thing of the whole night. I could have danced for another hour, and Becca was ready to leave at 11 p.m. and then insistent that we leave at midnight.

So we did leave, and then we hit up Sammy's and then we stayed up really late. It was awesome and fun. And I haven't had that much energy in a long time. I could have danced all night, and almost did.

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  1. Hi Shelli,

    Thanks for linking to Noah's from your site. I am the Marketing Director for Noah's and would love to send you a Gift Certificate for you and your friends to use one of our Game or Theater rooms. You can email me at:

    I hope to hear from you soon!


    Nick Redd


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