Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Challenges, Lessons and...

I love Sundays when I've left church and really felt uplifted, spiritually fed and motivated to make changes in my life. Today was one of those Sundays. Plus, I felt like I really learned more about the gospel AND I got to laugh a bit at a few of the insane comments made in Gospel Doctrine. So overall it was a brilliant day at church - even though Sacrament meeting went over about twenty-five minutes AND the high councilman brought in props. (For the record: props are not appropriate during Sacrament meeting. As my dad said today, "This isn't Saturday Night Live.")

Becca taught Gospel Doctrine and the topic was The Fall. Not as in autumn, but the fall of Adam and Eve. The "Original Sin" as some churches teach. I really love the knowledge that we have through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • One example that was used in class today talked about how the Garden of Eden could be compared to a house where Heavenly Father placed Adam and Eve and told them not to open the door to the outside. If the door were to be opened, there would be consequences and Adam and Eve could not return inside the house. Eve opened the door, and with that she was exposed to the outside which holds limitless opportunities and new experiences that she could in no way have had inside the house. But it also holds the bad consequences as well. Eve took a risk opening the door, but when she did she got to experience the world.
  • If Heavenly Father had not set up a situation in which Adam and Eve would transgress, there wouldn't have been a need for the Savior. And we wouldn't be here. Adam and Eve did not have the knowledge of good and evil, they were in a state of innocence. Which meant that they couldn't fulfill God's first commandment: to multiply and replenish the earth. They didn't have the knowledge of how to go about doing this. With the partaking of the fruit, Eve established the beginning of the Plan. She gained the knowledge she needed in order to replenish the earth - and also the desperate need for our Savior. With the plan in action, we are now here on earth and able to continue to rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and keep the commandments.
    • A very funny side note: One of the guys in class mentioned that because Adam and Eve were in a state of innocence, they would not have known how to procreate. When Becca repeated this, as an instructor will often do with comments, she said, "That's right. Adam and Eve didn't have the skills to procreate..." after which she got very flustered. And it was pretty hilarious. She continued, "I mean, they didn't have the knowledge - knowledge would have been a better word - I can't believe I just said skills."
  • The difference between a sin and a transgression are that a sin is always wrong, and always evil. Whereas a transgression is breaking a commandment because it was prohibited by law. Partaking the fruit was not evil. In fact, one might argue that eventually God might have given Adam and Eve permission to take the fruit if they had not been beguiled by the devil to do so at that time. But partaking of the fruit was prohibited by law, and therefore they transgressed against the laws of God. This of course is important when we recite the second article of faith, "We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam's transgression."
    • Side note: I really think that Adam and Eve were probably pretty close to perfect as any two people on earth could get. Yes, they partook of the fruit, which was prohibited by God. And because of that they were kicked out of God's presence. Yet, even after they began to make the sacrifices commanded them without understanding the significance. The article of faith doesn't say anything about Adam's sins - only his (singular) transgression. They continued to talk to God, even if they did no longer walk with Him.
    • In class, one of the guys asked if sex was a sin or a transgression. Of course, Becca told him to ask the Bishop. (And of course, we're talking premarital sex.) Although, I think in Alma we learn that sexual sins are only slightly better than murder and denying the Holy Ghost. So I think that answers his question. 
    • Side, side note: The above guy noted to the class (after I might have pointed it out to him) that in one of the scriptures the word "seed" is used and then the footnote underneath reads, "TG birth control" - which I thought was interesting and somehow, in no way related. If someone were to look up birth control in the Topical Guide and was led to that scripture, I don't think it would have been very helpful.
We were also issued a challenge to read the Book of Mormon before our Stake Conference in April. That is a pretty lofty goal, but I definitely see that as a great idea. They especially challenged us to read the Book of Mormon and go through and mark every reference made to Jesus Christ. Then they passed out Books of Mormon to every member in our ward - and I took one. Which means that I am accepting the challenge. Even though it requires reading at least 10 pages a day.

The teacher in Relief Society told a story about studying for a major test for grad school and having no motivation to study. I, of course, could relate to a story like that - having lost all drive to do any sort of stats in months, and she talked about how she bowed her head and prayed that she would have an efficient study session after she read her scriptures. It put me in the mindset that I need to pray more, definitely study my scriptures for aggressively and devotedly. And so I have decided that I would read the Book of Mormon, again.

After church, we really needed to get a crazy start on getting things packed and organized for when we move in the next three weeks. Of course, I could have had all of my stuff moved out a while ago - but I've done nothing. We did spend the majority of the day in the basement trying to get Roberta to part with many of her things. This week will be hectic and backbreaking. I'm just grateful for so many friends willing to come and help.

A guy from our ward invited us to dinner of which his new roommate cooked all of it. It was delicious. And while sitting at the bar eating, I was talking to the chef and his girlfriend (?) and we were talking about pets. I am not a pet person, and when the girl mentioned her cat, I said, "I was raised to throw rocks at cats. I hate cats." She was not very pleased with this, and said something like, "You know that there will be cats in heaven, right?" "But there will also be rocks," her friend replied without missing a beat. It was very funny.

Lastly, Colin and William both dropped by tonight to help pack and offer candy and be a general pain in the butt about stats. I swear I can't leave a meeting with either of them bringing up that dreaded, wretched subject. I am pretty aware that I need to get a move on. And after much pleading, begging, bribing and overall pushiness, I know that it needs to be done. It doesn't stop the cloud of darkness from overshadowing me and any resemblance of happiness in my life. Which is really quite a shame - we were having such a pleasant visit. (They are really, the truest of true friends.)

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