Friday, January 01, 2010

I'm engaged! (scenario #1)

His name is Warren.

We met at a 35+ New Year's Eve dance and he simply took my breath away. Sure, he was a little slow. And he definitely did not have much to say. But I think I liked the possessive look he got in his eye when I danced with Mike and Robert later. He didn't have to tell me that he loved me, he said it with his dead fish-like hands and inability to hold me close while we danced. This, of course, was due to his large belly that stuck so far out, I thought he would be a good double for Santa. I'm not really sure what we will do for a wedding - when, where and more importantly why.

Never mind. I guess it is a good thing that the ring is on loan.

I spent Christmas in Ohio. You've already read about the Christmas miracle-bonus that allowed me to play for a ticket. I will also say that I was very blessed to be leaving on 24 Dec without so much as a delay for weather for any of my flights whether they were out/in to Salt Lake, Columbus and Detroit or Dayton. I really, really enjoyed being home - I always do, but this year was particularly great.

First, I completely underestimated exactly how CUTE my niece is. Kelsie is totally her own person and is so funny - she just cracks me up. I love her to pieces and it was so hard to leave her. Even though, she doesn't like me very much. She cuddled with me once. She cried most other times I didn't have food in my hands that I was trying to bribe her with. She eats nonstop, and she eats everything. It didn't matter that we tried avocado, olives and random other things. She ate it all. And she wanted more, always more. I loved watching her dance with her toys, and walking like a drunk and spitting all over Mom in church. And reaching out for Amy while she sat on the stand trying to give a talk. And her laugh. And even her cry. She's just SO CUTE!

I got two hugs and two "I love yous" from Mark. Miracle.

I spent time with some peeps from high school. One is in Washington DC at the White House. The other works on the show Brothers and Sisters (with Sally Field) in LA. Just a reminder: I'm an office manager at a small architecture firm one class shy of my degree. *shrugs shoulders*

Brad cracked me up when the following conversation took place:

"I just can't understand why he hasn't kissed her yet. Guys know whether or not they want to kiss a girl in like, five seconds. Back me up, Brad," I said trying to figure out the curling ribbon on my present.

"Brad doesn't know," My mom said in denial. "You're too young to know."

"No I'm not and Yeah I do."

I look to my mom triumphantly and say, "Aren' I right, Brad?"

"Pretty much."

"Just remember Brad, don't give your kisses out like pretzels," I say, quoting a line from somewhere I'd heard sometime. (It may be written somewhere in the margins or my scriptures.)

"Can't help it - I've got a whole pretzel stand!"

I die laughing. My mom looks at him shocked and then cracks a smile before he heads to bed. "Alright, Pretzel Man," my mom says, "How about a kiss for your mother."

And he leaned over and kisser her, then me, on the cheek.

I freakin' love that kid.

A shout out to my buds Esther and Mindy. I can't believe we are all so one-track minded. It's sad really. But I'm so glad that I'm not the only one.

And then the trip was over. It was way, way too short. But my office was glad to get me back and even though I meant to work only a half day today, I ended up staying until 5:00 p.m. And busy too.

I think in general, 2010 is shaping up to be an interesting year for me already. I had the best ribeye of my life at Christopher's, thank you Roberta! It was seriously expensive and well-worth getting all gussied up for. Then Roberta and I hit the 35+ New Year's Eve Dance. You thought I was kidding about that? I wasn't. I was the youngest, hottest thing there. Turns out, old people are total floozies. And only seem to have one thing on their minds! Nevertheless, I was asked to dance by quite a few bachelors. And while none struck my fancy, the Knight with the beat up truck asked if he could take me out sometime. Thank goodness for Roberta, defending my young, innocence. He had to be twice my age AT LEAST. I must admit that I looked around the room at 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2010 and prayed - PRAYED - that I was not looking into the crystal ball of my future in 10 years. I think I would rather die. Regardless, it was "fun".

And then I went and hung out with a friend and I am just now typing all of this up. It is late. I will be moving tomorrow... if I ever get out of bed. And there is much yet to be done!

Happy 2010! May the whole year be as interesting and low-key as this evening has been for me. And thanks again, Roberta for dinner and the dance.

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