Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remember When?

It's cold outside. But remember how it didn't use to be cold outside? And I could go and lay in the backyard, scantily clad, and bask in the warm sun reading book after book after book. And sometimes I got burnt. Because it was warm. Remember?

I do.

And I really wish that I could go put on my bathing suit right now and lay out and think warm thoughts and read a really good book. Instead, it's freezing. And the grass is frozen. And my knees are frozen. And my arms are frozen. And it's amazing that my fingers aren't breaking as I type this.


I really miss the summer. And even if winter were to magically speed up and it would be summer tomorrow, I still wouldn't be able to lay out and get a tan because I now have a job. A job that I quite like, but still... it keeps me indoors.

But, it certainly helps to remember.

1 comment:

  1. I am so freaking excited for summer!!!! Bring it on... scanty clothes, barely there suits (that reminds me, check out victoria's secret little black suits for a good laugh) and healthy glowing (aka cancer inclined) skin. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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