Thursday, January 07, 2010

We'll Kimbo Slice Him

When I began working at KMA I knew that I was going to be working with all guys. It was exciting to think about and so far I have not regretted my decision. Mainly because working with these guys is like working with a gang of comedians. [Do comedians run in gangs? packs? flocks?]

For instance: I went upstairs and they were talking about a guy that is currently sporting a mountain man beard and came to talk to Steven. Thad, the mountain man, has a distinct voice and also a crazy family (brother named Star that has Thong Tuesdays and then shows everyone, lesbian sister that has a...ah, interesting object hanging from her pocket the family photo that is now showcased on the family business van, etc.) so the topic turned to Thong Tuesday and the guy they knew that went commando. Steven was telling us that guys need always have a four-layer barrier between them. Pants, unders and if they can, they should tuck in their shirts as well.

I was not in the best of moods, due to the fact that I have been seriously neglecting my need for sleep for at least two weeks now, and Wes told me that I needed to go to bed at 9 p.m. and not get back out. And if I didn't, my only other option was to pack up my house. He's obviously picked up on the fact that I need a little bit of pushing when it comes to my personal life.

The topic turned to dating - mostly because of posts that were previously written that caused some controversy which I told the guys. They were asking whether or not it was directed to a single person or just men in general. I told them it was in general and Steven was like, "Well, you let us know. If you need us to pay a visit to some guy..." I loved it! They were totally offering to be my champions. I imagine what this would be like if I had older brothers. "If you ever need us, we'll kimbo slice him!" Steven added. I didn't know what Kimbo Slicing was, but it sounds pretty painful, so I am glad that I have that option. [I later learned that Kimbo is a MMA guy?]

We were talking about how guys don't seem to be asking girls out on dates. They all think they were immune to this because they are all married - so they limit my bashing on Mormon guys to just BYU guys. Then they asked about a certain guy and if I'd heard from him or anything to which I said no. And then they offered to go to his house and "50's gangster" him into asking me out. Or to give them his phone number so they could harass him.

I think I'll try things my way first, and then maybe I will take them up on their offer. :)

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