Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Left vs Right cont.

I continued the research (by clicking one more link) on this and was intrigued further. As I look through the list - there are some things that I do like to do. But I guess that goes to show you that my left-side is functioning. It just isn't dominant.

Activities That Stimulate the Left Side of the Brain
The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body. The left side of your brain also does math, talks, spells, reads, likes to play alone, does one thing at a time, asks why, and asks how. Individuals who use the left side of the brain more always arrive on time and are usually early, like to read books about how things work, never get car sick, don't day dream, (Do a single one of these things sound like me? HAHAHA, no. They don't.) and are usually laid back. A common comment about a person who relies heavily on their left brain is that they are not bothered by much.

Individuals who primarily use the left side of their brain like to solve puzzles (no) and they really enjoy log puzzles.

There are three switches downstairs. Each switch corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in position. How would you identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb if you are allowed only one trip upstairs? The practical nature of this logic puzzle also appeals to the left side of the brain. (I wish you could see my face right now. I am reminded of a problem from 7th grade math with Mr. Egan - a ruthless, tyrannical basketball coach that should never have been allowed to teach children - that STILL gives me nightmares about how the janitor went and closed every certain locker and when he was done, what lockers were still open? It made me cry...really.)

What are some other activities that I can do to stimulate the left side of my brain?

Predict what will happen next week. (Er....not.)
Find out how a watch works. (No.)
Play a computer game. (Only if it is a word game...)
Participate in a spelling bee. (Not really an option for me. I don't think. I'm a good enough speller.)
Complete a paint-by-number picture following the instructions and staying within the lines. (Paint-by-numbers take out all the fun because they tell you WHERE and WHAT color to put...I don't like that.)
Do a word search puzzle. (I never liked these.)
Do a SudoKu puzzle.(I really, really never liked these.)
Work a math problem. (Ewww...)
Play dominoes. (Hmmmm....)
Play bridge.(I don't know how, but I do like card games...)
Write a book review. (Done! and done!)
Assemble a model kit, a bicycle, or piece of furniture following the instructions. (Do we have to follow the instructions?)
Make a list. (As long as I don't have to check anything off of it!)
Go for a jog. (Exercising WOULD be part of the left-brained activities....)
Adopt a dog. (No. Just...No.)
Arrange your linen closet by color. (#1 Get a linen closet. #2 Ok... but it wouldn't stay like that.)
Balance your checkbook. (-------)
Check and correct math problems. (And then stab my eyes out and hang me from the ceiling with my fingernails.)
Edit an essay for grammar and punctuation. (I really like doing this.)
Alphabetize your to do list. (To DO list....AHAHAHA!)
Be on time all day. (Riiiiight.)
Count money. (Can do!)
Save money. (Can't do!)
Read National Geographic magazine. (LIKE!)
Copy a picture using lego blocks. (Er....)
Organize your files. (Maybe another day...)
Go square dancing. (No.)
Learn to play the piano. (I would really love to, but I stunk the last time I tried. I am trying to relearn the flute, though.)
Visit a Historic site. (Yes, please!)
Attend a financial planning lecture. (Been there. Done that. Hated it. - Except the whole getting out of work and being paid to be there bit.)
Read the daily stock report.(No......)
Listen to classical music with distinct patterns. (I don't know what constitutes as distinct patters, but I'll listen to classical sometimes.)
Conduct research to collect facts for a non-fiction article. (I never liked these.)
Interview an expert to collect details for a non-fiction article. (Or not.)
Study to become an accountant. (Oh, puhlease!)

In summary, any activity that allows you to think or work sequentially will stimulate the left brain. Any activity that collects and analyzes facts will stimulate the left brain. Details and facts are the domain of the left brain. Be careful about starting any of these activities before going to bed because you may find yourself wide awake for some time as the left brain continues to process and stays stimulated. (Maybe this is the reason I NEVER have a problem going directly to sleep. My left-brain is never stimulated, I'm just daydreaming.)

The Creative Brain by Ned Hermann, Brain Books, 1988.


  1. You should watch this video. It's really cool. Don't give up in the first 2 minutes -- watch the whole thing. I own the book she wrote if you're interested.

    It may come as a surprise that I have precisely the opposite problem from you. Instead of a tentacled right hemisphere attacking a weakling left hemisphere, I envision a perfectly composed left hemisphere almost tyrannically dominating and in absolute control of the right hemisphere's every activity. However, I think I am making some progress in easing that tyranny.

    You really should exercise your left hemisphere a bit. The human mind in perfection is probably somewhere between our two extremes. If only you had some left hemisphere activity that you had to do for school or something ...

  2. you're seriously not going to tell me the answer to the lightbulb question??? that's cruel.

    I think i'm equally right/left brained. It's fabulous because i feel i can hold my own on either spectrum but terrible because i'm lost in the middle not really belonging to a side. Left side doesn't want me and neither does the right. What's a girl to do?

    no, seriously, i need to know the lightbulb solution


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