Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picture Drop

This picture is from this summer when Amy and Mom came to visit. I just really like it - and I couldn't remember if I had posted it anywhere else. Amy had just gotten her hair done by my good friend Jessica Walker - who is amazing.

This is proof of my slight obsession mentioned in these posts. Of course, this isn't including the several e-books I also have saved on my computer. It is a sickness. I know.

If this isn't the cutest baby you have every seen - you are pretty much heartless. Or you have a relative that you think is cuter. Whatever. This kid is pretty much boss. And I love her so. I am also excited that she is growing out a mullet. Just like her aunt Shelli.

From Pictures from the Past


I always meant to post this picture when I talked about my amazing sandwich that I made over the summer. You can find that recipe here.

This is what is passing for art at BYU these days. Yes, it is a dead turkey spray painted white. The platform on which it lies - it was probably 200 ft long. Neat, huh? Wish I had been an art major. Oh, and the title, "A Reflection on Killing" or something along those lines. The artist killed the turkey himself.

Lastly, a picture I took while shopping. I know that I am immodest, but I really liked my hair that day. Because I am pretty sure I got my bangs trimmed, and I thought they looked good. And maybe they did - on that day. Afterward, they looked awful. Luckily, I have since remedied the situation, and my bangs are no longer too terrible to manage. Even if I do want to chop off my hair everyday, thus resulting to me wearing it in a pony tail almost everyday - certainly the past four days in a row.

I didn't buy the black tank - though, I am regretting that decision. I DID buy the purple shirt hanging in the background. I am pretty sure I owe Jessica a thank you for that because she sent me a gift card for my birthday which allowed me to purchase said item.

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  1. i like your bangs, like the hat in the 1st pic, and mostly want the zebra print bra :)


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